Another amazing brand of portable basketball hoop is First Team. First Team has been manufacturing basketball hoops and goals for 20 years and the company prides itself as a leader in American-made sporting equipment. Its price is cheap as compared to other brands like Lifetime portable basketball hoop or Silverback portable basketball hoop empered glass and acrylic backboards tend to be slightly less expensive than other materials and adjustable hoop height goals are a more affordable option than fixed goals. First Team is proud to introduce our latest addition to the FIVE-STAR line… INTRUDER! The Intruder is a great in-ground adjustable goal to be used where space and budget is limited.

This is a Great Portable Basketball System like Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoops for the money, shop around and compare these premium features with other brands. You’ll receive a quality yet simple portable hoop for a lower price than many other hoops, and your beginning player will have a great opportunity to use a great hoop to hone their skills. The manufacturer of The Invader is a world leading supplier of basketball equipment to the school and college market and is offering this system to the residential market with the same high quality standards they are known for. First Team is proud to announce the introduction of the FIVE-STAR INVADER Portable Basketball Hoop. The Invader is a great portable basketball goal to be used where space and budget is limited.


First Team Invader Portable Basketball Hoops

The First Team Invader Portable Basketball System is a great portable basketball system to use where space and budget are limited. Equipped with a 33″ x 44″ clear acrylic backboard and a flex goal with net, this system is ready to go.  Being a base-level hoop, the First Team Invader Portable Basketball Hoop has some basic features, but not so basic that they will affect or decrease your satisfaction; younger players will have no problem enjoying everything that this hoop offers and their parents will enjoy the low price point as well.

The large 33 gallon poly base can be filled with sand to provide a stable base under the 3″ diameter vertical post.  The First Team Invader Portable Basketball Hoop features a three piece 3 inch pole. An all-weather net stands up to the elements and is ideal for backyard, driveway or other outdoor play. The Invader portable basketball system adjusts from 7.5 feet to 10 feet with an easy to use crank height adjustment system. This product weight is 78 Pounds. It has  5 year limited warranty.


  • Best advantage is  height adjustment.
  • Crank mechanism for height adjustment is less prone to breaking
  • 44 inch backboard offers great acrylic finish on a beginner hoop
  • Its Flex Breakaway Rim is decent quality as compared to others
  • Wheels on the gallon base allow for easy transportation for those who move often
  • It has weather resistant net
  • It is clean design great for beginners
  • It is simple to use
  • Best is attached to 33 gallon base which can be filled with sand or water
  • Easy movement is best in this portable basketball product
  • First Team Invader has 5 years warranty


  • It has no padding on the support pole
  • This product has small backboard which is 44 inches.
  • 90 degree support pole makes it more likely to tip than competitor hoops with angled poles


When you are looking for a great adjustable portable basketball goal that won’t bust your budget, go with the First Team Invader. It is one of most great product in portable basketball hoop. You can read the full First Team Invader review here.

First Team Fury Portable Basketball Hoops

The Fury Portable Basketball Goal is designed to withstand the demands of adult recreation centers while providing the flexibility necessary for many churches and elementary grade levels. The Fury portable basketball hoop is infinitely adjustable. Simply turn the adjustment crank handle behind the unit to lower the rim height anywhere from 10′ down to 6’6″. The Fury portable basketball hoops exclusive crank adjustment design is vastly superior in overall rigidity compared to similar portable basketball backboards using inferior “spring-slide” methods.

Fury basketball equipment is engineered to be extremely easy to move. One person can transport the goal by flipping the lower pad forward and rolling into position. Return pad to upright position to lock base in place for play. The extension arm can be dropped without tools to allow the Fury to pass under doorways. The backboard to base extension is 48″ with the rim at regular height. This allows the Fury to sit “off-court” for player saftety. Heavy padding, available in several colors, protects the player form contact with the base unit.

A variety of acrylic basketball backboards are available on the Fury. Each package includes a high quality flex goal with net. Let the Fury help you make the most out fo your facility and your budget. Every Fury Portable Basketball Goal package comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Supplemental Backboard Support
  • Fury Nitro is portability
  • Rim height adjusts for smaller players
  • FREE base pad lettering upon request


  • Floor load on the wheels is:
    Rolling – 180 psi
    Stationary – 140 psi


When you are looking for a great adjustable portable basketball goal that won’t bust your budget, go with the First Team Fury . It is one of most great product in portable basketball hoop. You can read the full First Team Fury review here.