First Team Invader Portable Basket Ball Hoops Review

First Team Invader Portable Basketball System Price

Among many portable basket ball hoops on the market, one of the best portable basket ball hoops brand is First Team Invader. First Team Invader Portable Basketball System is a great portable basketball system to use where space and budget are limited. Equipped with a 33″ x 44″ clear acrylic backboard and a flex goal with net, this system is ready to go. Adjusting the rim height from 10′ down to 7 1/2′ is quick and simple with first Team’s EZ-Crank design. It is Simple, clean design great for beginners. The First Team Invader Portable Basketball Hoop features a three piece 3 inch pole, a 44 Inch acrylic basketball backboard and flex breakaway basketball rim. The Invader portable basketball system adjusts from 7.5 feet to 10 feet with an easy to use crank height adjustment system. Set the goal where you want it for some rough, rugged and exciting b-ball action. The Invader portable basketball system adjusts from 7.5 feet to 10 feet with an easy to use crank height adjustment system. It has 33-Gallon Capacity Base. This product has Flex Breakaway Basketball Rim with All-Weather Net. First Team Invader portable basket ball hoops has only 78 pounds weight. This is a Great Portable Basketball System for the money. This Portable basketball system for easy movement. The First Team Invade is a durable portable hoop with a crank adjuster for easy height variations. This product has Spring Back Rim. First Team Portable basketball hoop has divided into different categories


Features and  Specifications

  • It has 3-Piece, 3 Inch Round Pole System
  • This product  has 33-Gallon Capacity Base
  • This product is Crank Height Adjustment Mechanism Adjusts Basketball Hoop from 7.5-10 Feet
  • First Team Invader Portable basketball system for easy movement
  • Invader attached to 33 gallon base which can be filled with sand or water
  • This product is Simple, clean design great for beginners
  • It has weather resistant net
  • First Team Invader has Flex Breakaway Basketball Rim with All-Weather Net
  • Tip and Roll design is also a feature of First Team Invader
  • It has Flex goal with net
  • This product has 5 year limited warranty
  • Wheels On The Base are the benefit of this product
  • It has  Spring Back Rim
  • 30″x44″ Clear Acrylic Backboard
  • At Least 44″ Backboard – 44”
  • Durable Backboard – Acrylic

Goal System Details

  • Rim Height Is Infinitely Adjustable From 7’6″ to 10′
  • 3″ Diameter Vertical Post.


44″ X 33″ Crystal Clear Closed-Cell Acrylic for a great rebound and attractive appearance. The rim is bolted directly to the pole bracket for extra durability. The Invader boasts a 44 inch acrylic backboard; the acrylic allows for a stronger surface than the more typical polycarbonate backboards. The backboard is also weather resistant, so leaving this hoop outdoors through various types of weather will not crack or warp it. One low point of the backboard, however, is its size.


3″ Round Steel Pole. Heavy gauge for durability. Optional Pole Pad is available for $49.00 (select above).

Height Adjustment

EZ Crank adjustable extension arm system has 18″ of extension from the pole. The EZ Crank premium worm-gear style rim height adjustment system is unheard on a system in this price range. The crank system allows for very easy rim height adjustment by kids of any age. Adjusts to any height between 7 1/2′ and 10′ with easy to read height indicator. the hoop can raise from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in an easy motion. Reviewers found it to be easy to raise to accurate heights, and the adjustor is made of strong, durable pieces that many found sturdier than other hoops’ handle-type mechanisms.

Fill Base

The First Team Invader features a 33 gallon plastic base, giving players a solid foundation to withstand movement of many types. The base can be filled with water or sand for additional weight and stability, and gives parents some piece of mind not worrying about the hoop tipping during play or rough winds and weather.

  • 33 Gallon Poly Base Can Be Filled With Sand
  • Wheels On The Front – One Person Portability


A backboard frame goes around the bottom of the backboard as well for a bit of protection when taking it to the hole. A great feature as well is that the Invader has less offset from pole to rim, so it is perfect for those with tight spaces or a small driveway on which to play.  Steel net attachment system, no easy to break plastic net clips on this rim.


This product has many advantages like it is simple to use. Best one is attached to 33 gallon base which can be filled with sand or water. Easy movement is best in this portable basketball product. First Team Invader has weather resistant net.This product has clean design great for beginners. A great benefit is Wheels on the gallon base allow for easy transportation for those who move often. First time invader has 44 inch backboard offers great acrylic finish on a beginner hoop. Best advantage is  height adjustment. It has Crank mechanism for height adjustment is less prone to breaking. It has 5 years warranty which gives many benefits.


This product has small backboard which is 44 inches. 90 degree support pole makes it more likely to tip than competitor hoops with angled poles. It has no padding on the support pole.

Final Verdict of  First Team Invader Portable Basketball Hoops Review

Overall this product has too much benefits as compared to other portable basketball hoops. Younger players will have no problem enjoying everything that this hoop offers and their parents will enjoy the low price point as well.

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